The care of your child is not only your greatest concern but ours as well.  Although a parent's love can never be duplicated or replaced, our dedicated child care staff will do their best to see that your child is kept out of harm's way and given loving care and attention while in their charge.

All workers are certified with the Kansas East Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Background checks are performed before final approval is given.  They attend training and are required to be certified in first aid, infant/child CPR and use of our AED.  At least two trained child care workers must be on duty whenever children are scheduled to be in attendance.

All children must be signed in by the parent or adult.  They must indicate where in the building they will be while the child is in our care.  A pager will be provided and parents are expected to respond if it is found to be necessary to ask them to return to the nursery.

With God's help, Grace UMC will attempt to provide the best child care possible.