Cloverton Concert

From our very first breath we are taught to conform and fall in line with the specific ways and patterns of the world. We're taught how to behave, interact, and even which paths to take. But for Manhattan based band, Cloverton, parting from these patterns has been a trademark of their story from the start.

Without the help of a record label, the band, consisting of Lance Stafford (piano/vocals), his twin brother, Layne Stafford (bass), Conner Giles (guitars) and Rains Wall (drums), propelled onto the Christian music scene in 2011 as the first ever ROCK THE CAMP contest winners hosted by TobyMac and Camp Electric. Soon after receiving this prestigious honor, Cloverton scored the #1 most downloaded song in the history of KLOVE radio for their first single "Take Me into the Beautiful," which also climbed the CHR charts to #12 and #17 on the overall Christian Billboard top 25. Recently, Cloverton’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s song “Hallelujah” reached over 1 million (Youtube) views in just weeks while being feature on CNN, Mike Huckabee’s God’s Fruits, and The Blaze (Glenn Beck).

From their humble beginnings as a small church worship team, to the release of their highly anticipated first full-length album Patterns, Cloverton continues to pave a new way for independent Christian music…

“None of us are into compromising or settling for the status quo. It’s a daily choice. To what or who am I surrendering today?” front man Lance Stafford says. “We all have a choice to either conform to the worldly patterns set before us, or to pioneer a new way. Each of us is committed to our God given passion and we're willing to choose a different path to be faithful to His calling. We hope others will be inspired to do the same.”

Doors are open at 5:45pm, concert will begin at 6:30pm