The Center of Grace provides a FREE meal twice a week. Last year we served over 30,000 meals. Anyone is welcome to come and have fellowship with our Olathe neighbors.  You will see single parents with kids, people with recent job loss, homeless, young and elderly.  People gather in the dining room and are served a hot meal at their table.   

Frequent Questions:

Q: What should I do if I want to come have dinner
Enter thru the main doors at 520 S. Harrison.  Show up between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm and sit at one of the tables.  You will be served shortly after you sit down.  If you would like seconds, please let your server know.

Q: Can I help serve?
Yes, for Wednesdays please contact Nancy Coriden.  She can add you to the mailing list or just talk to you about where they need help. Thursdays are fully staffed by volunteers with Johnson County Food Ministry.

Q: What is the serving experience like? Can my child come with me to serve? 
The feedback from volunteers is that they find it very rewarding.  Lots of teachers, scout leaders, youth group sponsors, etc. have told us that their students loved doing it and it was a very "eye-opening" experience for them.  We think it really does make kids and adults alike become more aware of the tremendous need  in our community.  And it puts a face on that need. We just ask that children be 10 or older.  

Q: How do you pay for the food each week?
We rely on donations, whether it's food or money.  We have groups in the community, some churches, some schools, who prepare the meal each week.  They help by providing the food for the meal.  But for the most part, we buy all the supplies, kitchen equipment, etc.  

Q: What if I need food but can’t come at those times?  
We have a bread table provided by Panera where people can bag up day old bread and pastries to take home.  There is also produce donated by the local Farmers Markets during the growing season.  We also have an emergency food pantry.  We give out boxes of non-perishable foods to guests who have an immediate need.

Q: What else is going on at the Center of Wednesdays?
The Clothing Closet is open on Wednesday nights from 5 to 7.  We have FREE clothing to anyone who would like to shop. Community Health Screenings are available from 5 to 6 for free for blood pressure checks, blood sugar checks as well as making appointments with the Johnson County Health Partnership Clinic.